The forest



The whole area is richly endowed with woods and forests that you can visit on foot, by bike or on horseback. Take for example the Forêt Noire, the Forêt Neuve or the Forêt de Bourdonnaye! Nature and heritage trails have been created across the Pays, taking you through woods and villages while explaining the fauna, flora or particularities of a village as you go.
Here are a few examples :

The Grée des Fourgerêts

In the Land of Schist, come and discover the beautiful villages and stonework. The start of the circular trail is in front of Les Fourgerêts town hall. When night falls you can follow the Trail of Light through the town of Les Fourgerêts, where the schist glows midnight blue.

The Peasants and Fisherman’s walk

From Le Mortier in Glénac, come and discover the fauna and flora abounding the area where the two rivers, the Oust and the Aff, meet.

The path of the Bargemen or Mariniers

From the village of Guélin to Saint Martin sur Oust, this path tells the story of the Nantes to Brest Canal, what was transported and how.

The Bois de Grisan

This wood is to be found spreading across two communes, St. Nicolas-du-Tertre and St. Martin-sur-Oust. A nature trail called “Deer and Red Ants” will help you to get to know the local inhabitants.

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