The Commune of La Chapelle Gaceline hopes to expand its activities thanks to its two municipal work horses, and become a real equi-city like many other municipalities have done before them. In the year 2000 there were just twenty equi-cities, but by 2009 there were over 130.
It has even hosted and organized the “Equi-cities” event three times.

The work horse, a new actor for a new territory

Thanks to its two work horses, Nayak and Opérat, La Chapelle Gaceline has become one of several French municipalities to re-integrate the work horse into daily municipal life.
Picking up school children, transporting green waste, delivering the municipal newsletter and maintaining the green spaces and flower beds and pots of the village … these two new local actors show that is possible to rethink the world sustainably.

Over and above the extremely positive environmental impact (decrease in pollution and noise as compared to motorized vehicles), it would appear that the social impact is even greater.

Using work horses has shown that it is possible to think differently with a view to sustainable development. And there are so many other ideas to discover and expand on !
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Open house in the village of horses – September –

Chevaux pendant la guerreDuring this event La Chapelle Gaceline presents the different actors which have transformed this village into an Equi-city.
On the Friday evening there is a special horse show, and on the Saturday activities centred on and around horses, demonstrations, meetings, conferences and round-tables are organized.

This event will take place every two years, alternating with The “Folles Journées” of The Horse (Mad Days dedicated to Horses!).