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Thanks to the Photo Festival and the Maison de la Photographie (The House of Photography), La Gacilly has become a must for all those who love photography, whether they are completely new to the art, amateurs or professionals .

 The Photo Festival of La Gacilly

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The largest open air Photo Festival in France.
A cross between the plastic arts and photo-documentaries, the Photo Festival of La Gacilly shows us ethical and humanist photography that has sense and meaning and is rooted in the relationship between Man and Nature. Once again, this year, like the preceding ones, some of the greatest international photographers are exhibiting their work as very large photos in and around La Gacilly.
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The House of photography

Maison-de-la-photographieThe desired role of the House of Photography is to become a place of travel, testimony, story-telling through photographs, where time stands still, captured in the photographs on the wall, and where the eye is caught in time and space.


Deeply rooted in Brittany, and committed to the Planet, the actions taken by the Yves Rocher Foundation – the French Institute, go well beyond frontiers, and are projected and born witness to thanks to images.
It is because Photography is an integral part of our lives, because it leaves a lasting mark on the world, and because it takes a hold of us and astounds us, that it is essential to stand at the side of those who bear witness to the beauty of our Planet.


To give our support to the fight of committed photographers, to reward photographic creation with Prizes, to defend Photography with the help and support of major partnerships … All these actions are carried out by the Yves Rocher Foundation in order to state loud and clear their firmly held stance  : the necessity to act in order to leave a positive mark.


The Yves Rocher Foundation was created in 1991, and placed under the aegis of the French Institute in 2001. Every day it works toward leaving a positive mark.
The Yves Rocher Foundation has committed itself to leaving a positive mark thanks to these 4 programmes :
the “Land of Women Prize”, the “Let’s plant for the planet” operation, photographic patronage and sponsorship, and recognition of botanical expertise.
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SOVEREIGNS peoples where the women are free
12th March  – 16th May 2016

Pierre de Vallombreuse – Testimonies from indigenous peoples
In the West feminists are fighting for equal rights. But what about elsewhere in the world? In some traditional societies it is the women who play the most important roles, both spiritually and in society in general. Pierre de Vallombreuse met four of these peoples in South East Asia, where it is the female lineage that occupies the decisive place in the social and family organisation. Peoples where to be born a woman does not mean being condemned or punished. These young girls, young women, mothers and grandmothers, endearing and intriguing, have been photographed with obvious closeness and respect by Pierre de Vallombreuse. This is a testimony to their freedom and their fulfillment in some of the most isolated places on earth.

The Photo Club of La Gacilly

The Photo Club of La Gacilly was created in 1997.
Its aim is firstly to give beginner and advanced classes in photography for young people and adults, and secondly, to organize activities and exhibitions.
It has its own club premises at the Maison des Associtations in La Gacilly, and the members meet up every Monday evening at 8.30 p.m..
Today the club has 29 members.
It has a silver film photographic laboratory, all the necessary equipment for digital photography, and photographic studio equipment too.
Every year the club organizes exhibitions of club members’ work, but also the work of invited photographers and at the International Fair of La Gacilly. It also organizes the “amateur section” of the Photo Festival “Native People and Nature” of La Gacilly.

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