La Passerelle gallery

passerelleAll year round, on the banks of the Aff, you will find the cultural and tourism centre of La Gacilly, « La Passerelle », open to the public.

You will discover all sorts of art forms at La Passerelle : contemporary art, photography and arts and crafts. The exhibitions are varied and will lead you to discover, to learn about and to wonder at the work of well-known artists.

A real encounter and exchange, full of emotion, mingling culture, art and the public at large.

The exhibition at the moment

Sculpture Michel LeclercqToile de Roberto LamailleROOTS & ORIGINS : 26th March 2016 – 15th May 2016
Art and nature, an inevitable dialogue drawing heavily on the roots of both Roberto Lamaille and Michel Leclercq.
Roots, source of life… The vegetal world drawing life from the earth thanks to its roots so as to to rise toward the light. As for Man, he lives and evolves thanks to his own origins and roots. Roberto Lamaille, a painter, an artist, embodies this idea. He has taken his paintbrushes all over the world and exhibits paintings filled with colour and light, evoking dreams.
The natural elements are also Michel Leclercq’s source of inspiration. He works with matter   rich in natural structure and full of history, such as wood, stone, metal, glass, bone … An artist who sculpts a dialogue between man and his environment.

The exhibition to come

TIME : October 2016 – December 2016
Every year La Passerelle has an arts and crafts exhibition. This year the theme is TIME.

Learn while you play !!

IMG_3995bFor every exhibition La Passerelle has prepared a little questionnaire to help children understand the work in a fun way !
This questionnaire is available from the Tourist Office.

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