The Historical Heritage Association of La Gacilly

Visite guidée de l'associatio du Patrimoine de La GacillyEnjoy some amazing guided visits !!

The Historical Heritage Association is a wonderful guide to the history and heritage of La Gacilly. Thanks to guided visits, interesting conferences, exhibitions and documents, it transmits a wealth of knowledge. All you need to do in order to wind back time is to go on to their website.
It brings together people who are passionate about their local history, and cultural and natural heritage, and who love to share everything they have learnt with others. It invites you to explore the centuries and the sites in its company.
Find the origins of the standing stone of La Roche Piquée, relive the French Revolution in Brittany, find out who Françoise d’Amboise Duchess of Brittany was, and more about the city of La Gacilly by looking at old postcards. Lastly have a long look at the 100-year 1914-1918 Commemoration created in 2014.
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Mr. Christian Le Quellec / / chlequellec@gmail.com

Visits of the Knights Templar Church in Carentoir

L'église du Temple à CarentoirThe Knights Templar established themselves in Carentoir and built there the most important Commandery in the Morbihan. The St-Jean-Baptiste du Temple Church, right in the heart of the village, is a witness to the past. Inside you will find one of the rarest recumbent statues in wood in the whole of France, dating back to the XIIIth century, and possibly representing a Knight Templar. There is also a remarkable altarpiece that retraces the history of the place.
The church is open to the public in July and August, with free guided visits available.
Please find the brochure for the church here.

NEW : Theatrical visits of the Knights Templar church !

A theatrical visit in costume, created by The Colin Muset Theatre Company, will take you through the past, the present and the future of this Knights Templar Church, mingling for your pleasure the great history of the Knights Templar with the local history of the region.

Visits to the Chapel of Notre-Dame de Fondelienne in Carentoir

Make the most of free access and entry to this chapel all year round: from to 9 am to 7 pm from March to October, and from 9 am to 6 pm from November through to February.

Mass is celebrated the first Saturday of the month at 8.30 am for the rest of the year.


Cournon-dolmen des tablettes

In order to truly penetrate into this country of legends, you may want to discover the seat of the oldest community of the Knights Templar in the hamlet of Temple, in Carentoir, or let the ancient windmills of Cournon and Tréal tell you their stories.

They may talk to you about the Rocher du Diable, or Devil’s Rock, that stands high above the valley of the Aff, overlooking the village of Glénac, or the cave of Notre Dame de Bon Accueil in the old schist quarries at Saint Martin sur Oust … Unless they mean to lead you on to Boschet Castle in La Chapelle Gaceline or the Castle of Ville Chauve in Les Fougerêts.

The most daring amongst you may even be tempted by the murmur of the waters leading down to Quelneuc mill, with its original paddle wheel, or continue along the forest path until you get to La Gacilly where the menhir of La Roche Piquée will tell you that you have reached your destination, at the very heart of the Pays.