Guided tours

Are you looking for a guide to accompany you in the exploration of our territory ? Here is what we have to offer :

Guided Tours of the Photo Festival

Since the last season, guided tours are now available in order to discover, and rediscover the Photo Festival of La Gacilly. A wonderful opportunity to deepen you knowledge of what really interests you.
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Marion - Guide conférencière

Marion – Tour guide

Theatrical visits of the Knights Templar Church

A theatrical visit in costume, created by The Colin Muset Theatre Company, will take you through the past, the present and the future of this Knights Templar Church, mingling for your pleasure the great history of the Knights Templar with the local history of the region.

Guided tours with the Historical Heritage  Association of La Gacilly

In order to experience a rich and passionate tour of La Gacilly and to learn more about its architectural, cultural, historical heritage… do not hesitate to call on The Historical Heritage Association of La Gacilly.
Ideal for groups !

Tours with a Greeter

Whether alone or in a group of not more than 6 people, a voluntary guide, called a Greeter, will be more than pleased to share his or her local knowledge during a friendly and lively walk.
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