The Greeters

What is a Greeter ?

Who knows La Gacilly better than those that live there?

The Greeters will take you around “their town” in an original, personal and captivating way. A visit of about 2 hours on a theme that particular Greeter is really interested in.

These visits are different from an ordinary guided tour. Make the most of this friendly, passionate and enriching experience !



Jacques Berthelet
Recreational in more than one sense

Jacques Berthelet

This particular retired teacher, has been all over La Gacilly with groups of students, showing them the ins and outs of the local geology and history. A taste of his future function as a Greeter.

Jacques Berthelet’s life has always been centred on transmitting know-how and knowledge, and on accompanying people in order to do this. He has been a teacher, has run and organized holiday camps and worked in journalism.

These different adventures have comforted him in his wish to be part of this programme and invest in his town. It is therefore entirely natural for Jacques to take you on a train journey between Guer and Redon or to tell you about the life of Saint Jugon …



Sylvie Soulas
The litte pleasures of life

Sylvie Soulas

Sylvie loves giving pleasure and enjoying her daily life, taking her friends on long walks, making the most of the local parks and gardens, but also taking gym classes and surfing on the internet.
A confirmed traveler and a fervent epicurean, Sylvie gives a lot of importance to “the simple things in life” that she loves to share with others.

So it is with enormous enthusiasm that she shares her favourite, charming corners of La Gacilly with others. She will tell you the stories of what she knows best, about the historical heritage, local life, without forgetting nature of course !!



Jean-Yves Onillon
A rich and direct relationship

Jean- Yves Onillon

Jean-Yves is a true connoisseur of regional history and buildings, but is also interested in many other things. He loves reading a good novel, cartoon-strips, and he collects coins… a great mixture!!

He is extremely respectful of the truth and of expert advice, which makes him a modest person, always willing to listen to others.

Jean-Yves is from La Gacilly, and he believes it is important to “give something back to his town with a few hours of his time here and there”.
His sincere approach to life gives for authentic and interesting conversations at Le Bout du Pont or along the river. He is particularly interested in the life of the port, and knows all the fish you could possibly find swimming around in it !



Jean-Jacques Paris
Ideas to follow

 Jean-Jacques Paris

Jean-Jacques “knows La Gacilly like the inside of his pocket”.
He is very involved in local life, and has regularly contributed to the dynamism of the town through ideas for travels and musical projects, thus helping open up his town to the rest of the world.

He was one of the former Presidents of the Tourist Office of the Pays de La Gacilly, and as such was one of the founders of the Greeters here in La Gacilly, far from the large towns and cities where they are usually to be found.

Jean-Jacques loves La Gacilly and, whilst taking the visitor through his town, will link together past, present and future, and any remarkable event that has taken place.



Eliane Lesage
Off the beaten track

Eliane Lepage

“Take your time” is the philosophy of Eliane Lesage. Originally from Caro, she has lived in La Gacilly since 1971 where she worked for Yves Rocher.
Eliane loves walking. She is passionate about discovering nature, fields and houses and hamlets through walking … at her own leisurely pace.

So walking through La Gacilly and meeting and talking to people while doing it seems to be the natural thing for this Greeter to do.
She also loves “wandering about neighbouring villages, “there, where other people never stop to discover”.



Martine Rio
Pleasant discoveries to be shared with others

Martine Rio

Martine is an elegant, smiling lady, that one naturally wants to get to know;

Martine appreciates listening and sharing, whether it be about the region, its culture or those daily anecdotes that make life that much richer.

Martine is a natural altruist who loves meeting new people. She loves the idea of helping others discover “little corners” of her town that she knows they will like. Places that at first sight seem totally secret will have a light shed on them thanks to Martine. Just round the corner from the Venelle des Fleurs (Flower Street), you go up Oven Alley and up towards the sheep fold …



Edith Derroisne
Roots that are still relevant today

Edith Derroisne

Edith is a “pure” Gacilienne, and came back to live in her village with her husband in 1978. Here Edith finds the roots that have been present for generations. This former teacher never stops being amazed about the local heritage.

Edith focuses on the link between past and present, using her knowledge of her town and its surroundings, and talking about the history of Yves Rocher, from his beginnings in La Gacilly to today.

And Edith always has a story to tell, making what she says all the more lively and personal.
She will take you on different paths … up river, a passage through the backstreets, a visit to the town hall or a school … Let yourself be guided by her.


Bernard Marie, greeter

Bernard Marie
A traveller who loves to share his experience

Bernard Marie

Bernard may not be from La Gacilly originally, but has settled here with his wife because they love what this town has to offer. They both travel widely through France and abroad, and as a result he knows what a difference it can make to meet someone local.

Bernard wants to meet new people and share his local knowledge with them, advising them should they ask questions. He loves talking about the local history, its historical and natural heritage, the fauna and flora, and its river, the Aff.

Bernard will take you up and down the pedestrian streets dating back to the Middle Ages and lined with their ancient houses, and up to the Church opposite la Place Yves Rocher. In fact do you know the story of this place?


Michèle Berlier

Michèle Berlier
Talking about heritage and listening to others

Michèle Berlier

Michèle and her husband love Brittany and love animals and decided to settle in La Chapelle Gaceline, a small commune just next to La Gacilly.

It is here that they came to live in 2004 with their dog, their cat, their bird and dwarf hens, just down the road from the Théâtre Équestre de Bretagne (The Equestrian Theatre of Brittany), where they play an active role and live their passion for horses.

An active member of local associations, Michèle is a volunteer at the Ferme du Monde, press correspondant for the local paper Les Infos du Pays de Redon, and a member of the Photographic association of La Gacilly.
Although naturally discrete, Michèle loves to share with others her passion for horses and photography, and she loves to share the secrets of La Gacilly too.


Denis Morice

Denis Morice
Sharing the secrets of local history and heritage

Denis Morice

This retired school teacher is active, and as such loves to exchange with others, to learn, to participate and to organise..

When Denis is curious … it does not kill the cat ! Because his curiosity is focused on local heritage, singing, local associations, reading …

Denis is passionate about old buildings, and loves sharing anecdotes about the history of the Pays. For him it is the small details that make for great history.
Through his enlightened story-telling Denis brings to life different periods of history of his small commune of Carentoir. The origins of the two churches and the hospice are amongst some of the subjects he may bring up during his enriching guided tours.


Gilbert Bonnet

Gilbert Bonnet
The lakes and their origins

Gilbert Bonnet

Before coming to rest in Carentoir, where he was born, Gilbert’s professional life took him around the world, over land and sea. He now makes the most of his retirement by traveling all over his commune, accompanied by his faithful four-legged friend.

The Etang du Bois Vert and the Etang de Beauché have no secrets for him, and the old washing places remind him of childhood souvenirs, as he will tell you on his 5 km walk, or other paths.

Gilbert has been vice-president of the Tourist Office of the Pays de la Gacilly, so this local boy definitely knows how to be a good guide.


Information and bookings :
Please contact us at least 48 hours before you come so that we can organize a visit with one of our Greeters.

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