Footpath and Bridleways


The Circular Walk of the Collines – La Gacilly
13 km – 3 hours
Start : rue des Primvères, La Gacilly

Discover another La Gacilly by taking our family-friendly circular walk through the Forêt Noire and along the Roman road. Together you will be discover the Chapel of Saint Jugon, beautiful panoramas along the way, and the restored hamlets of La Corblaie, la Haute Bardaie and Brozéas.
This circular walk will not leave you indifferent to its natural and heritage treasures, through woods, and fields, taking paths dating back to times gone by.

The Circular Walk of the Landes – Les Fougerêts
13 km – 3 hours
Start : the D14 direction “complexe sportif” (sports complex), in the centre of Les Fougerêts

This walk is accompanied across the moors by the golden bloom of the gorse and the broom and the purple of the heather. And the open spaces give way to vast panoramas of the surrounding countryside, with its mosaic of colours.
The walk in itself is easy, except perhaps for the short climb up to the mill of Rochenais.

The Circular Walk of the Ahée Way – Carentoir
13 km – 3 hours 10 minutes
Start : the car park at the Etang de Beauché, Carentoir

From the small lake of the Etang de Beauché you climb up to the heights above Carentoir to admire the beautiful surroundings and from there you walk along the Roman road – the Ahée Way – and then quietly down alongside the Forest of Bourdonnaye and through woods.  This circular walk is quite long with some quite steep climbs, and therefore is particularly adapted to good walkers.

The Circular Walk of the Dolmen – Cournon
14 km – 3 hours 30 minutes
Start : the car park opposite the church in Cournon

Cournon lies in a valley where the stream of the Landes du Loup (the Moors of the Wolf) meanders. This walk through the woods is a treasure-trove of surprises : the mill of Le Coq, the Dolmen of the Tablettes with its surrounding heathland, charming hamlets like Cranet, or even a deer taken by surprise. This pleasant walk through rolling countryside ends with a short passage on tarmac alongside a pine wood.

The Circular Walk of Les Reflets de l’Aff (The Reflections of the river Aff) – Quelneuc
13 km – 3 hours 10 minutes
Start : in front of the church in Quelneuc

Perfect for a beautiful summer’s day!
This walk takes you through woods and fields of wheat and corn, alternating the colours of the countryside and pauses along the river or under a venerable old oak tree. Sometimes the paths are earthen, sometimes in stone, climbing up and winding down the surrounding valleys, giving glimpses here and there of mills, manor houses and castles reflected in the river Aff.

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Leisure Bike Circuits

Ask for information from the Pays de La Gacilly Tourist Office or click on the links below

The Carentoir circuit
30 km – 3 hours 30 minutes – quite difficult
Start : Car park at the étang (small lake)

The La Gacilly circuit
18 km – 2 hours– moderate
Start : Car park at the Bout du Pont

The Tréal circuit
21 km – 2 hours– moderate
Start : the Etang du Beauché


The Pays de la Gacilly has four mountain bike circuits from 15 to 32 km long.
Details concerning three of these circuits (1, 3 and 4) are available from the Tourist Office.
Other fact sheets will be available in the near future.

1 : The Chevreuils de St. Jugon – La Gacilly
22 km – 2 hours 30 minutes
Quite difficult
Start : next to the Bout du Pont Tourist Office in La Gacilly

 From the Bout du Pont Tourist Office the circuit starts by following the Aff river, before climbing up to the heights of the Forêt Noire, and then over the moorland of Couesmé and along the roman road. From then on, except for a few small portions of tarmac, the circuit is made up of paths going up and down through the woods – a challenging and fun circuit for all mountain bikers, experienced or not.

3 : Through Marshland and Forest – Glénac
15 km – 2 hours
art : the jetty in Glénac

From the jetty the circuit takes you through pine woods, sometimes fast-paced, at other times relaxing. The paths take you up to the heights of the Forêt Neuve, and then down a few technically-challenging paths and back along the banks of the Aff and the Mortier in Glénac. This circuit will definitely please nature-loving mountain biker.

4 : The Mills circuit – Les Fourgerêts
21 km – 2 hours 15 minutes
Start : in front of the church in Les Fourgerêts

This circuit heads for the Rochenais cave, from where it then winds its way up and downhill through the woods with a few technically challenging portions. The passage through the former slate mines at Saint Jacob is particularly appreciated by mountain biking enthusiasts. The portion in the north is more easy-going, with paths rolling down to the small lake of Vaulaurent. The return to base has a succession of downhill portions around the mill of La Luardaye. This circuit is particularly suited to regular mountain bikers.

Bike Rental

Coquer Cycles “Motoculture”
Mountainbike and Hybrid bike rental
New : electrically assisted bicycles



Riding School / Pony Club of Carentoir
Horse-riding lesson on horses and ponies
Stabling facilities
Training courses throughout the holidays
Rides through the forest for all levels (on Sundays, the holidays and bank holidays)
An approved “chèques vacances” centre
Affiliated to the French Federation of Horse-riding
Open all year round

For further information :

Haras de la Bourdonnaye
Route de Tréal
+ 332.

The La Gacilly Riding School (Route de Glénac)
All levels, all ages (from the age of 4)
Lessons and training courses
Private lessons
Recreational rides and treks (full and ½ day)
Show jumping – dressage –Beginners / advanced
Reception of groups
Special needs
Boarding, stabling facilities and boxes, breaking in
Our equipment:
24 boxes, 1 obstacle course, 1 dressage course, 1 indoor riding arena, 1 cross-country trail, lots of bridle paths
Open all year round

La Planchette
56200 GLENAC /

Recreational Riding
Rides in a horse-drawn carriage
On Saturdays and Tuesdays from 3 p.m. 

La Chapelle Gaceline are proud to present you with their carriage and invite you to come for a ride!!

Prices :
For 30 minutes : 4€ (children 3€)
For 1 hour : 7€ (children 4€)
For 1 hour 30 minutes : 10.50€ (children 5€)
Group (8 persons) for 1 hour : 50€
For 1 hour for a family of 2 adults, 2 children (aged 3 to 12) : 18€
* children from 3 to 12 years old

Bookings :
The Town Hall of La Chapelle Gaceline or

Donkeys for Hire
Why not discover the countryside and rivers of the Pays de La Gacilly accompanied by a donkey. 

The Donkeys of the Tay
Awarded the Responsible Tourism Trophy 2012.
Explore the footpaths and bridleways around La Gacilly, down to the Nantes to Brest Canal or around the Clos du Tay.
Our donkeys can carry equipment such as tents and food for you, or alternatively your child can ride on its back while being led by an adult. You can be assured of a very endearing companion on your adventure!
Contact us for all information about where to go, what accommodation can be provided and just generally to plan your journey. 

Prices, depending on the season :

From 23 to 25 € for half a day
From 35 to 40 € for a day
From 185 to 200 € for a week
From 105 to 115 for a 3-day weekend 

Open all year round 

Further information : 

Le Tay
Email :

Les Galopins
Hire a donkey to accompany you on your walks.
For I hour or two, for a day, a weekend or even longer, our donkeys will carry your luggage and your children.
If you have no experience we can provide a guide, if you so wish.
Please contact us for price details, as they will vary according to what you want to do.
An accompanied ride in a donkey-drawn carriage to visit the local megalithic site
Adapted and customized activities
Centre for leisure activities, schools and disabled persons…
Birthday teas and fun, weddings…
Please contact us for price details.

Further information :

Isabelle VALLE
Les Galopins
35550 ST JUST
Tel. :
E.mail :